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Obtaining Justice

In a recent Article on, Jamilah Lemieux wrote a well thought out article on the miscarriage of justice to the detriment of black women, citing as evidence the recent much featured and talked about cases of the Gambian hotel maid against Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the case against Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee.

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I cannot personally speak to the innocence or guilt of any of the two accused. In general, we hope that the jury that decides has made an informed decision, putting their prejudices aside and done what is best for their community. 

In response to the article, I wrote: 
This is not anyone's fault but our own. We allow ourselves to get side tracked by fast talking politicians with deep pocketed benefactors and loose morals. They in turn enforce the policies that make the treatment of black people and women in the US completely unfair - but guess what? Next election comes around, they're going to be harvesting votes like Monsanto on steriods and we will just have "more of the same".
If for once, just once in one small area of the US a politician who had no ties to some rich person trying to get richer was elected soley because he was interested in the needs of his community. Not just those who can fund his campaign, then this would wrap itself up very quickly. It would mean that the general public cannot be scared by words like "abortion", "homosexuality", "black man" (which literally translates to BIG black c**k - no I'm serious) and "lazy hispanics".
I don't see that day coming. Do you?
which I have been told has nothing to do with the article.

My response, I believe, has everything to do with the article. It is important to remember that the laws by which ALL of us are judged are a product of politics. Politics is the game of politicians. WE are responsible for choosing the politicians.

Even though we are all judged using the same laws, the carriage or miscarriage of justice by all involved parties, lawyers, jury and judge, varies greatly by skin tone. There is much evidence to support this.

The current situation of black people in America and the manner in which justice is carried out with relation to them is the direct responsibility of black America. Politics and justice are intricately linked which is why, to date, only one banker has been charged for the economic meltdown that has plunged America into a recession. The relationship between the two are the reason why Dominique Strauss-Kahn is going free. He is a prominent French politician, and whether you choose to believe it or not, this played a big part in carrying out justice.

So, if indeed politics and justice cannot be pried apart, wouldn't it be reasonable to consider that our vote would determine how justice is carried out with regard to ourselves? If we allow politicians to yell WOLF every time they wanted our vote and capitulate hoping that the big bad wolf will not get us, and yet in our heart of hearts we know that he will not take a second look at the injustice carried out towards black people, then we deserve everything we get.

We must realize that justice is in our hands every time we go to the polls to vote. That we cannot choose to be passive in politics, hoping that the general public will be outraged with us and rally around us. They voted in their favor, put the strong arm of $$ behind those they knew would further their cause and we MUST do the same if we expect things to change.

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